Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Threes a crowd

Hotwife went out with a female friend tonight.  They went for dinner and drinks...HW invited me but i just didn't have the energy i have fucked the other woman before but i just wasnt in the mood.  After dinner HW went to Jill's house for some more wine.  When 11 came Jill's husband came home from work.  HW took that as a sign and told me she started making out with jill and sucking off jill's husband.  She got them both hornty and then ran home to me stripped naked, woke me up sucked my dick, got me hard and jumped on as she told me the story of her night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A great night

Last night we met BBC for another 3some.  Met at a bar for drinks first. Then went to a hotel.  Got to the hotel at about 11pm and left at 2 am.  Hot Wife was incredible.  check out this outfit below.

When we got to the hotel I took to the camera as they embraced inside the door lifting off her feet and kissing her and pulling up her dress and grabbing her ass as kissed and touched each other everywhere.  HW wrapper her legs around him while he was still standing.  She put her legs around him as he carried her to the bed.

BBC stood and took off his clothes and HW did the same except her heels.  He started to eat her out at which point i put the camera down and put a blindfold on HW.  I then grabbed a small vibrator i brought and put it on her clit while my 8 inches were resting on her face.  She was trying to find my cock blindfolded.  BBC fingered her pussy while i worked her clit until she came - her body shaking.  BBC wasted no time in mounting her while I grabbed each heel and pulled back her legs and he thrust his big black cock into her.  She was loving it - telling him to fuck her harder and deeper.  Then He invited me to take a turn and i pounded away. Then turned her over and fucked her doggie style for awhile.  She was talking like a cock slut that she is and she said "i have to be quieter" before the people next door call security.  i would have none of that and preceded to fuck her harder and tell her i wanted to hear it.  She said no - so i started slapping her ass and pulling her hair while i fucked her until she became loud again.  She was begging for it.  Saying all those things I love to hear.  "I love cock, I want to be fucked.  Fuck me hard!, Pull my hair and slap my ass"  Realizing that i could only hold back so long i pulled back and BBC took over taking over in missionary.  Her legs were high in the hair and she was loving it.  He fucked her for another 10 or so minutes.  They were both exhausted - Once HW caught her breath, I jumped back on grabbed her ankles and spread her legs and pounded away.  I could feel it coming and pulled out and shot bullets of cum on to her stomach, face and tits.  It was fucking awesome.  Hotwife got up cleaned up and came back and took a ride on the black pony.  She was on top and i have never seen her ride a cock like that...she was possessed in making him cum and as he drew close she jumped off and finished him off with her mouth and hands.  She is truly a hotwife and I love her for it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Nude Resort II

So HW and I give Joe our room # as he needs to retreive his shirt from the bar.  So I ask the question what single guy goes to a nudist resort hosting a swingers party and doesnt bring condoms.  Seriously the boy needs a clue. But as always i had them bedside.  HW and joe were rolling on the bed making out i could tell she was turned on.  He was intent on making her cum, which was noble but not a chance of happening but she did one of her better fake jobs and he went for it LOL.  I got on the bed and got her on her on all fours and started fucking her.  I think he enjoyed this more than doing it.  He was all excited.  Telling me to fuck her hard. HW grabbed his cock and started sucking him the same time and he was loving it.  After awhile i pulled out and sprayed her ass and back. It was joe's turn but he was having stage fright.  He asked if we could shut the lights - First time i have heard that one.  That didnt help his ED so HW took him in her mouth and proceeded to suck him off and figer his ass.  He came hard all over tits and face.  We sent joe on his way and we went back to the hot tub to relax.  It was a fun night of sharing her.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nude Resort

Well Hotwife and I made our first trip to a nude resort in Florida last month.  It was to say the least interesting.  The place has everything from houses, condos, campers and a hotel.  In the quad of the hotel is the pool area.  It has a small hot tub for 10, another larger one that fits about 60 and a big pool.  It also has 3 pools just for water volleyball.

Day 1 - We arrive late and after passing the security gate we are greeted by an older gentleman strutting home from the hotel in sandals and shirt- no shorts or seemed mostly amusing.  SDC was running a party at the bar on friday night.  We got in about 11 pm and went to the bar and by that time it did not have many good looking people left so we retreated to a hot tub.  We got in naked with about 20 other people.  After about an hour we went to bed.  First time with a mirror above the bed , which made me laugh but a great view of a blow job was had.  Off to sleep.

Day 2 we wake up at 9 am and head out to breakfast. It is a bit cloudy...we leave campus with clothes on and get a good feed.  When we came back the sun had broke and we wasted no time heading to the pool in nothing but hats, sandals and sunglasses.  It is quite liberating when you take off your clothes.  You wonder why you ever wear them.  There is sex in the air but at the same time there is peace and tranquility. First time rubbing up the dick with sunscreen.  I will say HW had the best set of tits poolside.  Then about 1pm just as the music started the sky opened up and it started pouring.  We took cover at the bar side pool to where a bartender about 40 was wearing a thong and flip flops.  Her tits were the tightest D cup i have ever seen and did not bounce or move at all. IF a penney came flying off them i would say take cover.  But she was HOT.  We had lunch and the rain broke and sun came out.  Seemed wierd eating naked. Not sure why but it did.  Then I headed to the room to get something and HW said she was going to check out another pool.  As i came back and turned the corner there she was at center court watching over 12 hunks play water volleyball. I think they started knocking it out of bounds just to watch her tits bounce and her ass as she bent over to get the ball for them. It was pretty funny.  From there we went back to our original seats by the pool and finished the day taking in the sun.
Day 2 night fall.  Night brought on a party where the theme was black tie or lingerie.  I wore shorts, long sleeve white shirt and a black bow tie.  Hot wife wore chain link hose that were attached to a lace panty. Up top matching bra with a tuxedo jacket over it with one button done and mammoth 5 inch black heels.  Off we went the crowd was a full mix of people young old, good looking, average looking.  HW dance with a few men.  There were single guys there too. One came over to introduce himself.  His name was Joe and he decided to wear jeans and no shirt and he had the chest and arms to pull it off.  I went for a drink and i could tell HW was into him.  But he really had no idea what he had his hands on.  As the night moved to midnight.  I realized i had to give him a push so I told him on the side to not be shy.  Well as the crowd disipated and we walked in the pool area Joe asked if we wanted to go in the hottub.  I looked at HW and she looked at joe and said I would much prefer if you two took me back to my room and fucked me.  I thought the poor boy was going to pass out from shock.  to be continued.............

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I took hotwife out for sushi last night and she came downstairs in a tight striped dress with a scoop front with five inch sandals. I think eating sushi is sexy note sure why but I do. We sat on the same side of the table which faced people going to the bar. It was funny to watch men's eyes as they passed by to get a glimpse of her tits. Some looked away when they saw me others just smiled at me. When we were done eating I took a pic of her on the street I will post later. On the ride home she unbuckled leaned over pulled out my cock and licked and sucked it all the way home. I knew people would still be up when we git home. When I pulled into driveway I shut the lights stopped the car and told her to get out and lean over the hood. I got out dropped my shorts and entered her very wet pussy. She as always was telling me what a cock slut she was as I had lifted her dress over her ass and pounded away not caring who saw or heard us. Slapping her ass and pulling her hair and calling her a slut. Finally I pulled out and shot my cum at her face when she turned around. Thank goodness for cum towel in the car. I want 3 comments before I post a pic.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morning coffee

Hotwife went out this morning for coffee with her girlfriends wearing her MFM anklet. I could only chuckle.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saturday Night

Where to begin. Hotwife and I went out for dinner and drinks at a local bar. She was wearing a tight short leopard dress, with matching 5 inch heels. She was smokin hot! Our BBC joined us about 930 and we dranked and talked until 1030. I had reserved a suite earlier in the day and had already given HW a key. I suggested to her that BBC might need some company on the way to the hotel. She agreed and got in the passenger side if his car. As told to me afterwards she went down on him immediately pulling up next to a cop at one point. He was so horny he pulled over and licked her clot until she came. I was parked in hotel lot when they pulled up. It was a sight watching them walk into the hotel together. I waited awhile and got some stuff together in the car and then went up. When I got in the room he was on top of her kissing her but both still clothed. I lit some candles and put some good music on - Enigma - . He pulled her dress of revealing her leaopard bra and matching thong. They laid on the bed legs, arms, hands and toungues entangled. Always an erotic site to see her white skin against his black. He is 6'5 245 and works out regularly. He had all his clothes off and i took mine off and got on the other side of her so she now had four hands all over her. She took turns making out with each of us. After awhile of that she took off her thong and jumped on him while he laid flat and rode his big black cock like she never has before. Verbally telling us how much she loved his cock and how she "needed it" He said to her i think you need another one and I didnt hesitate and came up behind her and put mine in her ass. She loved it and could not get enough as we had filled her to the max. As good as it was and sounds that is tough to maintain. I went back on the bed grabbed my phone and took some pics of her riding him. She then got off him and rode me for awhile. When she grew tired of that she had to have his cock in her mouth again and got on all fours and started to suck him again. With that ass in the air i could not resist as I got behind her and pounded away at her pussy and slapper her ass. BBC knew he wanted some of that so he stood up on the side of the bed and she knew what he wanted so she wiggled to the side and he plunged his 9" into her pussy repeatedly. She was trying to blow me at the same time but I could tell she was having a rough time keeping her concentration. So i said just look at me and talk to us as he fucks you. It was so erotic. The lust in her eyes every time he thrusted into her.i was partially under her and our eyes were locked as she told me how good his cock was and what a cock slut she was. My dick was at full attention swinging back and forth. I went head first under her and played with her bid D cups licking, holding and sucking them. All of sudden i heard her gasp and i said you ok. Yes said "Yes - he is fucking my ass now and I love it" He preceded to just pound away at her ass for the next minutes. Then I took a turn in what was no a gaping hole. We all needed a rest and got some water and sat for awhile. Well after a rest HW got back on the saddle and rode his big black cock for another 5 minutes then got off and blew him until he came. I watched from a a chair in the corner. HW was in her groove , got down on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock until i blew a load into her mouth face and tits. Not a night i will forget soon. As it was past midnight and mothers day had arrived. i knew i was truly married to a MILF! I love her!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just gave my wife a bottle of this
IT is from a winery aptly named "Menage Trois" I loved saying to the women at the store, my wife asked me to pick up some Menage Trois

Sunday, May 1, 2011

wedding ring

This is a borrowed Hot Wife, from a friend of mine..but you have to love the wedding ring.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So hotwife is getting her mojo back and is going to the gym every morning will post pictures if you want to see.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Text message

So HW got a text from BBC today asking when they could get together again. She told him she was going away this weekend but she was off in two weeks. I like it when i dont have to get involved in the arranging.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So been working on a version of a Hot Wife contract that i am going to give her next week along with a MFM anklet that i had made for as a gift. Here is the contract let me know what you think.

Hotwife’s Contract w/ Husband

This is a contractual agreement, between HotWife and her husband, that covers the period from the signing date to _5/31/11. Prior to the end of the contract period both parties will discuss the events of the contract period and negotiate the terms of their next contract.

This contract gives HW the freedom to be more than an ordinary wife and mother. It allows her the rare opportunity for a married woman to safely explore her sexual limits - The ability to discuss and fulfill her fantasies. HW is free to live and act more like a true natural woman, rather than how society has let women believe they should act, for so long. Women have incredible hypnotic sexual power over men, something that comes quite natural to them. It is Hubby who is encouraging HW to realize her sexual power, and start to view sex more like men do. Hubby is intending to give his wife sexual and sensual freedom. The reasons of which are that he is married to the perfect and most exotic and erotic woman on the planet, and when she is sexually happy, it comes back to him many fold. Hubby is asking his wife to carefully consider this document, and then pursue acting more like she should, as a sexual/sensual Goddess, including, but not limited to the suggestions listed below:

Hubby is asking his wife to not be an ordinary wife and woman. This contract is to allow HW the rare opportunity to be a normal everyday professional woman, mom and housewife. And yet also have the opportunity to safely explore her sexual limits. The ability to fulfill his and her fantasies.

Activities that may be required (but not limited to):

Flashing in bars.

Sex with husband’s friends

Embrace the word slutty as a compliment and act accordingly

Dress sexy and go with husband to locations such as adult bookstores, strip joints.

Going out to bars to act promiscuous .

Seduction of a repairman, or other handyman who comes to the house if turned on by.

Tell husband any stories in detail if he is not there.

If a compatible single or married guy is in our home for the evening, you will flirt with him. (blood relationship excluded). Doing more if the situation warrants it.

If a close friend is going through a divorce or separation, it would be wise for HW to accommodate and comfort him to relieve him of any discomfort as you have in the past.

Before a potential meeting with another male, will bathe long for him, take your time, shave, otherwise primp, and apply makeup, and perfume to all the right places while Hubby watches (this is a turn-on to Hubby).

Whenever possible during lovemaking, you will tell your husband how you love cock and what a cock slut you are, And what made it special when you fucked your last man other than him. Rest assured, this will only stimulate Hubby, not turn him away.

Summer or winter, when feasible, HW will wear heels and sexy dress and jewelry to entice potential partners. HW will dress even more provocatively when in a distant town, thus dressing for other men. Be proud to be what you are , a sexual/sensual Goddess and a Hotwife.

HW will actively search for other men who find her attractive. Use business cards (to be made) and give to men that strike her fancy, but would have no other way of letting her wishes be known to him. Some examples would be: The grocery store checker, Home Depot assistant who was very helpful, or even a good Samaritan who assisted with a flat tire.

Contact our friend BBC every two months, for a MFM with your husband.

Go to a swingers party every 4 to 8 weeks and seek out another man or couple

HW will leave evidence to surprise her husband. Examples include panties or pictures from her date in Hubby’s car, office or bedside.

This contract requires you to notify Hubby any time you would like to do anything erotic, or fulfill a fantasy you would like, but have not had the opportunity to do so.

HW will shop for sexy clothes which will attract men’s attention at places like or, or

HW will go to bars dressed provocatively while Hubby watches from a far.

HW can get ready for a “Date”. She is free to go dancing, drinking, and return at any hour. He is to stay at home, and wait for her to arrive home safely. She will then describe her evening in detail, and otherwise allow Hubby some sexual relief.

HW will surprise her husband by finding a gentleman completely on her own, or plan an exotic evening of fun for a threesome.

Hubby or HW has the right to break off any contact between HW and any other man in which he/she feels may be harming the marriage.

I, HW choose to have my husband, Hubby act as my sexual awakener. I desire to be a Hotwife to my husband, and to have him guide me on my path to greater sex. I agree to do what he asks. I understand that this may involve things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do on my own, and that I am looking forward to being guided to do them by my husband. I sign this contract on my own accord, and with the greatest excitement and happiness. I understand that completion of this contract, and good behavior, (especially if any of the above Hotwife Duties are initiated by the wife) will be rewarded regularly, I understand that this contract will exclude the following: Physical discipline of any kind, for breach of contract. But the occasional just cuz spanking is allowed. Also, sex between my husband and any female besides me, is encouraged.

Under the penalty of marital law, I understand that I, HW, intend to fulfill my husband’s requests as stated above, under above stated terms.

Here signed:



Her date

Though HW came home very horny and with a smile the truth is she sucks at details. They went for drinks , dinner and at the end he asked her if she wanted to go back to a hotel. He had already gotten a room. Once there they stripped quickly and onto the bed she began giving him head to what she says is a very thick cock in girth. She calls him a "close fucker" wants to be face to face and kissing as much as he can but she had a good time and they made out and fucked for about an hour before she came home.
When she got home she woke me and began telling me what a slut she was and how she needed more cock right now.Who am I to argue.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Night out on a date

HW met an old flame for dinner tonight and called at 830 to ask if it was ok if she went to a hotel room with him. Wonder what she would do if I said no it's not all right. Not sure i can wait up, been a long day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nasty and Slutty

That is how HW referred to her actions on Saturday , still trying to decide if that was a good thing. Saturday finally arrived and unlike other times this came with a definitive goal. Without saying the goal was for two men me and mike to pleasure, use, fuck, lick ,kiss and be sucked by MY Hot Wife. HW worked all day and didn't get home till 630 I had bought her some sushi to get some food into her. She ate went upstairs and the inevitable question came. "What should I wear"? As a husband if you are reading this you have heard this many times. I won't bore you with the various wardrobe changes but when we left she was wearing black lace bra with matching thong, jeggins which if u don't know are jeans that stretch, a slippery halter with leather jacket over and strappy five inch heels that made her even in height with me.
We get to our destination at 940 pm and our favorite bartender brought us our drinks. I looked around to see if any vanilla friends were there but didn't see any. Mike showed ten minutes later. We had two drinks more and paid our bill and the conversation was easy but non sexual. But all parties knew where the night was headed to fuck HW. I paid the bill and told them it's time to go. I went to get the car and mike followed while HW went to the bathroom. I asked him while waiting if he had ever used a blue pill he said no and asked if he wanted one, which he agreed to and I gave him one. At that point HW got in the car and mike followed. HW told me she was nervous on the ride home which I was sure she would recover quickly. We had about a ten minute ride home and we got into the house where I had some stuff set up. I had cranked the indoor pool to 102 and had delight candles around it and around the room. I put on some 90's music and mike sat on the couch. If I have not said mike is 6'5" 240 black and in great shape. Not overly wordy in conversation but respectful and not afraid to push the envelope.
HW sat next to him and obviously got over her nervousness as she went from sitting next to him to straddling him and making out with with their hands all over each other. They groped and kissed for a long time as undid her halter and sucked and licked her tits I took some pics and got a great one of him sucking on her tits while she is smiling. She moved down to her knees and pulled out his big black cock and sucked and licked it while he moaned. I got behind her and pulled her pants off leaving her heels on. Then I got out the Hitachi wand and while she was on her knees sucking him I worked the wand on her pussy and clit until she trembled with an orgasm. From there she goes back to sucking off mike and making out with him. I took some great pictures of the two of them. He makes a suggestion that we blindfold her and she offers no resistance. Not having anything handy I went for bondage instead and I put leather restraints on her wrists and lock them behind her back. She is left on her knees with nothing to do but bounce between the two of us as we grope her with four hands. She cant stop smiling as he licks her nipples and i nibble at her neck. That leads to only one thing. I release her arms and She had lost thong and bra by now and took seat on couch only in heels. And she says."one of you has to fuck me. She was sitting on the edge of the couch still with the 5 inch fuck me heels on. I certainly had to take advantage of that so I plunged my cock into her from my knees. Being the share guy i am i motion mike to take my position and i take this great picture of him with his arms on the back of her thights legs straight in the air , with her gripping the back of the couch as he just pounds into her pussy. I ask her if she likes his cock and she says "I love it , he and is cock are so fucking hot" He takes his hands down from her legs and fingers her clit while i continue taking pictures and she comes again. She is screaming "fuck me hard" He pulls her to her feet and has her bend at the waist with her arms resting on the arm of the couch and just pounds her with his cock like a machine. From there we continue to the floor on a feather bed...
Hot Wife is on the floor on all fours and she is just in a nasty mood and says "who is going to fuck me in the ass now" The better question would of been who isnt. He got on the floor and HW mounted him while I got behind first with an anal vibrator and then replaced it with my cock while we Dp'ed her. Something so erotic about that and she was loving it. The knees could only take so much and I took a seat and watched as he got behind her and took his turn in her ass. She couldn't get enough. Then I took her again and fucked her missionary and pulled out while he jerked off on her ...We both came all over her....One of those nights that wont be forgotten soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your turn

So six days from now my friend and I will spend an evening with HW. So any suggestions, looking for ideas both sexual and non sexual. Dinner? Drinks? What should I have her wear dress or jeans? Fire away best ideas get to be a part of

Planning ahead

So HW has arranged a threesome for this coming saturday. Here is the text conversation from friday between HW and myself:

Me: Michael sent us both texts yesterday are you going to respond to him.
HW: Sure, next weekend?
Me: That is up to you , i assume you liked getting together with him last time
HW: I did
Me: We can just ask him to come over and lift you to the ceiling (he is very tall and HW loves that)
Me: I am glad you liked it and even gladder you admitted it
HW: No complications, No commitments, No obligations, just fucking.
Me: Yeah he is good that way, and as an added plus he turns you on
HW: Yes he does
Me: Lets take him to our other house with the pool.
HW:  That would be fun
Me: Why dont you text him and see if he is free
Me: Would you have more fun with him alone
HW: Dont be silly two cocks are better than one,
Me: sounds good
HW:  He says Hell Yeah
Me: Send him a picture to get him in the mood.
HW: I sent him this one

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines gifts

If you saw a hw in these shoes what would your reaction be?

Dinner with a twist

Out for dinner last friday night to our favorite local sushi place.  HW wore a striped sweater dress with knee high furry fuck me boots.

 We were lucky to get two seats at the bar.  HW was drinking red wine and I Grey Goose and tonic.  As always even after 25 years our conversation turns to sex quickly.  Usually this revolves around checking out all people in the bar who we would do and who we wouldn't do and why.  Do others do this? 

Then I turn the topic to an ex girlfriend from long ago who is really more gay then straight at this point in our life.  My HW announces "I could do definitely do her."
 To which i say "what" "I could definitely do her"
 I said "your barely bi, never mind gay" 
 "Yeah but she is a lot of fun"
So I inquire what is stopping her and she says doesnt want to freak me out. I say vs the orgies, threesomes and dates she has been involved with.  I say as long as i can join in I am all for it.  So just dropped an email to the old friend.  We will see what evolves.
The whole idea gave me wood.
When we got home i got HW in bed pulled her dress off but left the boots on. She put me on my back and sucked my cock for a good twenty minutes licking up and down the shaft and licking my balls.  I put her on her back and reach for a vibrating butt  plug
I slide it in her ass and lick her clit for about 10 minutes until she comes.  Then I pull up leaving the vibrator in her ass and fuck her...She is hornier than usual and loves it. But she wants more. 
"Pull the vibrator out and fuck me in the ass with your cock" Not being one to argue I do that and just pound her ass like i have never pounder her ass before.  I cum and fill her ass with jism.  Never filled her ass before as i fall next to her completely exhausted. 
From talk of sex with my ex lesbian girlfriend to fucking her ass...Wish every night was as fun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old story but a fun night

Early on in our hot wife adventures we had a special night that i want to write about.  It was an early fall night and I had bought HW a remote control vibrating panty.  I told her i was taking her out for the night and she had to wear it.  She dressed casually in a tight button down sweater with jeans that hid the remote bullet well.  We tested it before we left the house and it was working fine.  I had the controls.  On the way to a local pub i turned it off and on a few times just to give it a test.  Each time i could see HW squirm a little.  Once at the restaraunt i sneaked off an handed the remote to a friend who was in the bar.  When i came back to the table it took HW a while to realize i was no longer in control as my empty hands were on top of the table.  She started turning red as i told her i gave it to a stranger and told him to have fun.  After about 10 minutes and old friend came by our table to reveal himself.  We laughed finished our food and drinks and took off to providence to an alternative bar that used to be there called Gerardos.  It have every cross dressing , swinger, bi, gay was all there.  On the way there our friend Paul was turning the remote on and off from the back seat and i had sort of forgot about it.  But HW had not and 1/2 way there she jumped in the back and started making out with him and pulled out his cock and started sucking him off.  But when we got there I pulled them out and said lets go in....we took turns dancing with HW as the other held the remote.  She was as horny as i had ever seen her and was begging to go home but I had other plans as went across the street to a strip joint for a few lap dances.  As the dancer gave HW a lap dance i turned on the remote and they both grinded to it.  Finally it was time to drive home.  I had set up the basement earlier in the day.  I had HW strip down to just her Thong, heels and bra....I then put a blindfold on her and tied her hands over hear head leaving her exposed.  It was quite a site.  We had all four hands over her.  I lowered the ropes so she could sit down as i had them on a pulley.  With her eyes blindfolded we would put a cock in her mouth that she could not see or touch other than her lips and toungue.  She had to guess who it was.  If she guessed wrong we would raise the pully and each spank her.  Increasing the amount of spanks with each miss.  I fingered her pussy and it was soaking wet.  HW was begging to be fucked.  We then lowered the ropes again bent her over a stool while we took turns fucking her from behind while she sucked the other off. It was one of the first time i heard her say "i love being your slut"  I assured her the sluttier she was the happier i was.  This went on for hours until all came and collapsed.  Don't think we could ever duplicate that night.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back at the Blog

Some time ago i started this blog and for some reason it disappeared.  Anyway I will write in random order and put the  best of the best up starting with our most recent encounter.

Thought i would share saturday night experience with you.  HWand i went out for dinner and old friend contacted us earlier in the week about getting together for a drink.  He is some one we have swapped with when he was married......HWb asked me what his expectations where and i said'  "Expectations, none....what is hoping for ...same thing i would be hoping for"  

Saturday he left a message asking if we were free that night for "drinks"  On the way home from a trip with my son I asked HW yay or nay and she said sure...we dropped my son off at a friends and got home and changed....She was wearing jeans and open toed sort of boots that have zippers all of them with a 4 inch heel...they scream "fuck me"  A pink sweater that her her boobs were busting out of....and off we went to dinner.

We got there about 7 and i text him to meet us at 9 so i could get a few drinks in her.  He arrived about 930pm  He is 6'5 muscular guy.  We talked and drank for about 90 minutes....I could tell HWwanted him...So i said " you want to go to a hotel".  She says it's up to michael...didnt have to twist his arm.

He followed us to a local hotel i reserved a room while at the bar via web on my phone at the bar.  Requested a king size bed.  After a 5 minute ride i parked the car and went in to check in..HW came in later all flushed and breathing heavy as she had been making out with him in the parking lot.  I got the keys and we adjourned to the first floor room.  When I opened the door the heat was blasting as it must have been 80...i went to the window to open and HW went to his arms and was encased by his body as they were standing...
She then went to the bathroom to gear up and moments later came out in a red lepaord thong with red lace and matching red bra.  She had obviously thought about what she should wear for the moment.  She had kept on her "fuck me" shoes. 

She went to the middle of the bed and layed down and we both just stared at her for a second and admired her sexiness.  Her long blond hair coming down over her shoulders.  Her breasts looking to break free from the bra.  She was a great sight.  There was a lot of lust in the room.
We both lied down next to her me on her right and he on her left.  She  took turns kissing each of us.  When her lips were not attached to ours we would lick her erect nipples on her D - cups and finger her pussy through her thong.  She turned back and forth and at one point i said , "your double fisted with a cock in each hand" and she just smiled a devilish smile and said.  "as it should be, I love cock," Her next step was to get up on top of Mike and lowered down his body and began sucking his thick cock.  I got behind her pulled aside her thong and licked her clit and pussy .  She was soaking wet.  Then i put her on her back i got between her legs and licker her clit and fingered her ass while mike played with her tits until she came.  She then got on her knees and was at a right angle to him as i pulled off her thong.  Her bra long gone. While she continued to lick his balls and up and down his shaft i entered her from behind and fucked her slowly.  She moaned with every thrust.  I grabbed on to her hair and pulled her up to me to kiss her and then knelt back down to suck him some more.....i was close to coming but held on and pulled out. I rolled back on to my back and HW got between my legs on her knees and started sucking me off, but strategically on the edge of the bed with her ass in the air.  Mike didnt waste the invite and spread her ass
and penetrated her pussy.  He fucked her strong and hard.  Again she made an announcement.  "I love cock from behind"  "Fuck me deep and fuck
me hard"  This in between sucking me off.  The lust in her eyes as he thrusted in her was incredible.  After awhile he pulled her up and she was standing leaning over the bed and he fucked her more...I just watched and admired.  They both needed a break so I pulled HW onto the bed on her back spread her legs entered her cunt and just pounded away like a pistol  i knew i could not last long this time and I pulled out and shot hot cum all over her stomach tits and was like a rapid fire machine gun. It was intense...
I got dressed and went to get us water...i came back he had HW on the bed legs in the air as he pounded her with determination until he came in his condom.  The whole session lasted about 90 minutes....we were exhausted when we got home.  Hope you enjoyed the story.