Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nude Resort

Well Hotwife and I made our first trip to a nude resort in Florida last month.  It was to say the least interesting.  The place has everything from houses, condos, campers and a hotel.  In the quad of the hotel is the pool area.  It has a small hot tub for 10, another larger one that fits about 60 and a big pool.  It also has 3 pools just for water volleyball.

Day 1 - We arrive late and after passing the security gate we are greeted by an older gentleman strutting home from the hotel in sandals and shirt- no shorts or pants..it seemed mostly amusing.  SDC was running a party at the bar on friday night.  We got in about 11 pm and went to the bar and by that time it did not have many good looking people left so we retreated to a hot tub.  We got in naked with about 20 other people.  After about an hour we went to bed.  First time with a mirror above the bed , which made me laugh but a great view of a blow job was had.  Off to sleep.

Day 2 we wake up at 9 am and head out to breakfast. It is a bit cloudy...we leave campus with clothes on and get a good feed.  When we came back the sun had broke and we wasted no time heading to the pool in nothing but hats, sandals and sunglasses.  It is quite liberating when you take off your clothes.  You wonder why you ever wear them.  There is sex in the air but at the same time there is peace and tranquility. First time rubbing up the dick with sunscreen.  I will say HW had the best set of tits poolside.  Then about 1pm just as the music started the sky opened up and it started pouring.  We took cover at the bar side pool to where a bartender about 40 was wearing a thong and flip flops.  Her tits were the tightest D cup i have ever seen and did not bounce or move at all. IF a penney came flying off them i would say take cover.  But she was HOT.  We had lunch and the rain broke and sun came out.  Seemed wierd eating naked. Not sure why but it did.  Then I headed to the room to get something and HW said she was going to check out another pool.  As i came back and turned the corner there she was at center court watching over 12 hunks play water volleyball. I think they started knocking it out of bounds just to watch her tits bounce and her ass as she bent over to get the ball for them. It was pretty funny.  From there we went back to our original seats by the pool and finished the day taking in the sun.
Day 2 night fall.  Night brought on a party where the theme was black tie or lingerie.  I wore shorts, long sleeve white shirt and a black bow tie.  Hot wife wore chain link hose that were attached to a lace panty. Up top matching bra with a tuxedo jacket over it with one button done and mammoth 5 inch black heels.  Off we went the crowd was a full mix of people young old, good looking, average looking.  HW dance with a few men.  There were single guys there too. One came over to introduce himself.  His name was Joe and he decided to wear jeans and no shirt and he had the chest and arms to pull it off.  I went for a drink and i could tell HW was into him.  But he really had no idea what he had his hands on.  As the night moved to midnight.  I realized i had to give him a push so I told him on the side to not be shy.  Well as the crowd disipated and we walked in the pool area Joe asked if we wanted to go in the hottub.  I looked at HW and she looked at joe and said I would much prefer if you two took me back to my room and fucked me.  I thought the poor boy was going to pass out from shock.  to be continued.............