Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines gifts

If you saw a hw in these shoes what would your reaction be?

Dinner with a twist

Out for dinner last friday night to our favorite local sushi place.  HW wore a striped sweater dress with knee high furry fuck me boots.

 We were lucky to get two seats at the bar.  HW was drinking red wine and I Grey Goose and tonic.  As always even after 25 years our conversation turns to sex quickly.  Usually this revolves around checking out all people in the bar who we would do and who we wouldn't do and why.  Do others do this? 

Then I turn the topic to an ex girlfriend from long ago who is really more gay then straight at this point in our life.  My HW announces "I could do definitely do her."
 To which i say "what" "I could definitely do her"
 I said "your barely bi, never mind gay" 
 "Yeah but she is a lot of fun"
So I inquire what is stopping her and she says doesnt want to freak me out. I say vs the orgies, threesomes and dates she has been involved with.  I say as long as i can join in I am all for it.  So just dropped an email to the old friend.  We will see what evolves.
The whole idea gave me wood.
When we got home i got HW in bed pulled her dress off but left the boots on. She put me on my back and sucked my cock for a good twenty minutes licking up and down the shaft and licking my balls.  I put her on her back and reach for a vibrating butt  plug
I slide it in her ass and lick her clit for about 10 minutes until she comes.  Then I pull up leaving the vibrator in her ass and fuck her...She is hornier than usual and loves it. But she wants more. 
"Pull the vibrator out and fuck me in the ass with your cock" Not being one to argue I do that and just pound her ass like i have never pounder her ass before.  I cum and fill her ass with jism.  Never filled her ass before as i fall next to her completely exhausted. 
From talk of sex with my ex lesbian girlfriend to fucking her ass...Wish every night was as fun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old story but a fun night

Early on in our hot wife adventures we had a special night that i want to write about.  It was an early fall night and I had bought HW a remote control vibrating panty.  I told her i was taking her out for the night and she had to wear it.  She dressed casually in a tight button down sweater with jeans that hid the remote bullet well.  We tested it before we left the house and it was working fine.  I had the controls.  On the way to a local pub i turned it off and on a few times just to give it a test.  Each time i could see HW squirm a little.  Once at the restaraunt i sneaked off an handed the remote to a friend who was in the bar.  When i came back to the table it took HW a while to realize i was no longer in control as my empty hands were on top of the table.  She started turning red as i told her i gave it to a stranger and told him to have fun.  After about 10 minutes and old friend came by our table to reveal himself.  We laughed finished our food and drinks and took off to providence to an alternative bar that used to be there called Gerardos.  It have every cross dressing , swinger, bi, gay was all there.  On the way there our friend Paul was turning the remote on and off from the back seat and i had sort of forgot about it.  But HW had not and 1/2 way there she jumped in the back and started making out with him and pulled out his cock and started sucking him off.  But when we got there I pulled them out and said lets go in....we took turns dancing with HW as the other held the remote.  She was as horny as i had ever seen her and was begging to go home but I had other plans as went across the street to a strip joint for a few lap dances.  As the dancer gave HW a lap dance i turned on the remote and they both grinded to it.  Finally it was time to drive home.  I had set up the basement earlier in the day.  I had HW strip down to just her Thong, heels and bra....I then put a blindfold on her and tied her hands over hear head leaving her exposed.  It was quite a site.  We had all four hands over her.  I lowered the ropes so she could sit down as i had them on a pulley.  With her eyes blindfolded we would put a cock in her mouth that she could not see or touch other than her lips and toungue.  She had to guess who it was.  If she guessed wrong we would raise the pully and each spank her.  Increasing the amount of spanks with each miss.  I fingered her pussy and it was soaking wet.  HW was begging to be fucked.  We then lowered the ropes again bent her over a stool while we took turns fucking her from behind while she sucked the other off. It was one of the first time i heard her say "i love being your slut"  I assured her the sluttier she was the happier i was.  This went on for hours until all came and collapsed.  Don't think we could ever duplicate that night.