Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So hotwife is getting her mojo back and is going to the gym every morning will post pictures if you want to see.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Text message

So HW got a text from BBC today asking when they could get together again. She told him she was going away this weekend but she was off in two weeks. I like it when i dont have to get involved in the arranging.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So been working on a version of a Hot Wife contract that i am going to give her next week along with a MFM anklet that i had made for as a gift. Here is the contract let me know what you think.

Hotwife’s Contract w/ Husband

This is a contractual agreement, between HotWife and her husband, that covers the period from the signing date to _5/31/11. Prior to the end of the contract period both parties will discuss the events of the contract period and negotiate the terms of their next contract.

This contract gives HW the freedom to be more than an ordinary wife and mother. It allows her the rare opportunity for a married woman to safely explore her sexual limits - The ability to discuss and fulfill her fantasies. HW is free to live and act more like a true natural woman, rather than how society has let women believe they should act, for so long. Women have incredible hypnotic sexual power over men, something that comes quite natural to them. It is Hubby who is encouraging HW to realize her sexual power, and start to view sex more like men do. Hubby is intending to give his wife sexual and sensual freedom. The reasons of which are that he is married to the perfect and most exotic and erotic woman on the planet, and when she is sexually happy, it comes back to him many fold. Hubby is asking his wife to carefully consider this document, and then pursue acting more like she should, as a sexual/sensual Goddess, including, but not limited to the suggestions listed below:

Hubby is asking his wife to not be an ordinary wife and woman. This contract is to allow HW the rare opportunity to be a normal everyday professional woman, mom and housewife. And yet also have the opportunity to safely explore her sexual limits. The ability to fulfill his and her fantasies.

Activities that may be required (but not limited to):

Flashing in bars.

Sex with husband’s friends

Embrace the word slutty as a compliment and act accordingly

Dress sexy and go with husband to locations such as adult bookstores, strip joints.

Going out to bars to act promiscuous .

Seduction of a repairman, or other handyman who comes to the house if turned on by.

Tell husband any stories in detail if he is not there.

If a compatible single or married guy is in our home for the evening, you will flirt with him. (blood relationship excluded). Doing more if the situation warrants it.

If a close friend is going through a divorce or separation, it would be wise for HW to accommodate and comfort him to relieve him of any discomfort as you have in the past.

Before a potential meeting with another male, will bathe long for him, take your time, shave, otherwise primp, and apply makeup, and perfume to all the right places while Hubby watches (this is a turn-on to Hubby).

Whenever possible during lovemaking, you will tell your husband how you love cock and what a cock slut you are, And what made it special when you fucked your last man other than him. Rest assured, this will only stimulate Hubby, not turn him away.

Summer or winter, when feasible, HW will wear heels and sexy dress and jewelry to entice potential partners. HW will dress even more provocatively when in a distant town, thus dressing for other men. Be proud to be what you are , a sexual/sensual Goddess and a Hotwife.

HW will actively search for other men who find her attractive. Use business cards (to be made) and give to men that strike her fancy, but would have no other way of letting her wishes be known to him. Some examples would be: The grocery store checker, Home Depot assistant who was very helpful, or even a good Samaritan who assisted with a flat tire.

Contact our friend BBC every two months, for a MFM with your husband.

Go to a swingers party every 4 to 8 weeks and seek out another man or couple

HW will leave evidence to surprise her husband. Examples include panties or pictures from her date in Hubby’s car, office or bedside.

This contract requires you to notify Hubby any time you would like to do anything erotic, or fulfill a fantasy you would like, but have not had the opportunity to do so.

HW will shop for sexy clothes which will attract men’s attention at places like www.victoriassecret.com or www.yandy.com, www.fredericks.com or www.flirtcatalog.com

HW will go to bars dressed provocatively while Hubby watches from a far.

HW can get ready for a “Date”. She is free to go dancing, drinking, and return at any hour. He is to stay at home, and wait for her to arrive home safely. She will then describe her evening in detail, and otherwise allow Hubby some sexual relief.

HW will surprise her husband by finding a gentleman completely on her own, or plan an exotic evening of fun for a threesome.

Hubby or HW has the right to break off any contact between HW and any other man in which he/she feels may be harming the marriage.

I, HW choose to have my husband, Hubby act as my sexual awakener. I desire to be a Hotwife to my husband, and to have him guide me on my path to greater sex. I agree to do what he asks. I understand that this may involve things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do on my own, and that I am looking forward to being guided to do them by my husband. I sign this contract on my own accord, and with the greatest excitement and happiness. I understand that completion of this contract, and good behavior, (especially if any of the above Hotwife Duties are initiated by the wife) will be rewarded regularly, I understand that this contract will exclude the following: Physical discipline of any kind, for breach of contract. But the occasional just cuz spanking is allowed. Also, sex between my husband and any female besides me, is encouraged.

Under the penalty of marital law, I understand that I, HW, intend to fulfill my husband’s requests as stated above, under above stated terms.

Here signed:



Her date

Though HW came home very horny and with a smile the truth is she sucks at details. They went for drinks , dinner and at the end he asked her if she wanted to go back to a hotel. He had already gotten a room. Once there they stripped quickly and onto the bed she began giving him head to what she says is a very thick cock in girth. She calls him a "close fucker" wants to be face to face and kissing as much as he can but she had a good time and they made out and fucked for about an hour before she came home.
When she got home she woke me and began telling me what a slut she was and how she needed more cock right now.Who am I to argue.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Night out on a date

HW met an old flame for dinner tonight and called at 830 to ask if it was ok if she went to a hotel room with him. Wonder what she would do if I said no it's not all right. Not sure i can wait up, been a long day.