Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back at the Blog

Some time ago i started this blog and for some reason it disappeared.  Anyway I will write in random order and put the  best of the best up starting with our most recent encounter.

Thought i would share saturday night experience with you.  HWand i went out for dinner and old friend contacted us earlier in the week about getting together for a drink.  He is some one we have swapped with when he was married......HWb asked me what his expectations where and i said'  "Expectations, none....what is hoping for ...same thing i would be hoping for"  

Saturday he left a message asking if we were free that night for "drinks"  On the way home from a trip with my son I asked HW yay or nay and she said sure...we dropped my son off at a friends and got home and changed....She was wearing jeans and open toed sort of boots that have zippers all of them with a 4 inch heel...they scream "fuck me"  A pink sweater that her her boobs were busting out of....and off we went to dinner.

We got there about 7 and i text him to meet us at 9 so i could get a few drinks in her.  He arrived about 930pm  He is 6'5 muscular guy.  We talked and drank for about 90 minutes....I could tell HWwanted him...So i said " you want to go to a hotel".  She says it's up to michael...didnt have to twist his arm.

He followed us to a local hotel i reserved a room while at the bar via web on my phone at the bar.  Requested a king size bed.  After a 5 minute ride i parked the car and went in to check in..HW came in later all flushed and breathing heavy as she had been making out with him in the parking lot.  I got the keys and we adjourned to the first floor room.  When I opened the door the heat was blasting as it must have been 80...i went to the window to open and HW went to his arms and was encased by his body as they were standing...
She then went to the bathroom to gear up and moments later came out in a red lepaord thong with red lace and matching red bra.  She had obviously thought about what she should wear for the moment.  She had kept on her "fuck me" shoes. 

She went to the middle of the bed and layed down and we both just stared at her for a second and admired her sexiness.  Her long blond hair coming down over her shoulders.  Her breasts looking to break free from the bra.  She was a great sight.  There was a lot of lust in the room.
We both lied down next to her me on her right and he on her left.  She  took turns kissing each of us.  When her lips were not attached to ours we would lick her erect nipples on her D - cups and finger her pussy through her thong.  She turned back and forth and at one point i said , "your double fisted with a cock in each hand" and she just smiled a devilish smile and said.  "as it should be, I love cock," Her next step was to get up on top of Mike and lowered down his body and began sucking his thick cock.  I got behind her pulled aside her thong and licked her clit and pussy .  She was soaking wet.  Then i put her on her back i got between her legs and licker her clit and fingered her ass while mike played with her tits until she came.  She then got on her knees and was at a right angle to him as i pulled off her thong.  Her bra long gone. While she continued to lick his balls and up and down his shaft i entered her from behind and fucked her slowly.  She moaned with every thrust.  I grabbed on to her hair and pulled her up to me to kiss her and then knelt back down to suck him some more.....i was close to coming but held on and pulled out. I rolled back on to my back and HW got between my legs on her knees and started sucking me off, but strategically on the edge of the bed with her ass in the air.  Mike didnt waste the invite and spread her ass
and penetrated her pussy.  He fucked her strong and hard.  Again she made an announcement.  "I love cock from behind"  "Fuck me deep and fuck
me hard"  This in between sucking me off.  The lust in her eyes as he thrusted in her was incredible.  After awhile he pulled her up and she was standing leaning over the bed and he fucked her more...I just watched and admired.  They both needed a break so I pulled HW onto the bed on her back spread her legs entered her cunt and just pounded away like a pistol  i knew i could not last long this time and I pulled out and shot hot cum all over her stomach tits and was like a rapid fire machine gun. It was intense...
I got dressed and went to get us water...i came back he had HW on the bed legs in the air as he pounded her with determination until he came in his condom.  The whole session lasted about 90 minutes....we were exhausted when we got home.  Hope you enjoyed the story.