Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been away too long

Can't belive it has been this long without blogging.  Hot Wife is still in fact Very Hot.  Last night i told her due to family complications she had not fufilled her contract earlier in the year and that she was in breach of contract.  I told her tonight was payback and Adventure #1.  Her task was to name every man she had ever fucked.  I made her list them and say something about each and how they fucked and what she liked and disliked.  She had to do this while wearing only heels and a hitachi wand between her legs pressing on her clit. 

After an hour she missed 5 men.  Her punishment was 5 units of punishment on her ass for each forgotten.  She was also made to count them out.  I started with my hand.  Whack...the first one stunned her and she asked for a blindfold which i obliged.  4 more iwth the hand....her ass was already red.  From there we went to the back of a flat wide hair brush.  That one had her squirming and saying ouch.  On to the wooden spoon, i think that was easiest on her.....On the riding crop.  She thought i had bought it for this and i reminded her of using it on her years earlier.  In between swats i teased her pussy with it, which was dripping wet from the ongoing hitachi wand.  Whack, Whack, Whack 5 times.  Finally for the first time using the Whip on her. Whip w/ Rubber Tails-Cheetah Handle

When the whip was done i made her ask to cum , then put her on all fours and filled her with Cum, and told her what a slut she is and how she is mine.  Tonight she will be tied and whipped some more.