Thursday, May 26, 2011


I took hotwife out for sushi last night and she came downstairs in a tight striped dress with a scoop front with five inch sandals. I think eating sushi is sexy note sure why but I do. We sat on the same side of the table which faced people going to the bar. It was funny to watch men's eyes as they passed by to get a glimpse of her tits. Some looked away when they saw me others just smiled at me. When we were done eating I took a pic of her on the street I will post later. On the ride home she unbuckled leaned over pulled out my cock and licked and sucked it all the way home. I knew people would still be up when we git home. When I pulled into driveway I shut the lights stopped the car and told her to get out and lean over the hood. I got out dropped my shorts and entered her very wet pussy. She as always was telling me what a cock slut she was as I had lifted her dress over her ass and pounded away not caring who saw or heard us. Slapping her ass and pulling her hair and calling her a slut. Finally I pulled out and shot my cum at her face when she turned around. Thank goodness for cum towel in the car. I want 3 comments before I post a pic.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morning coffee

Hotwife went out this morning for coffee with her girlfriends wearing her MFM anklet. I could only chuckle.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saturday Night

Where to begin. Hotwife and I went out for dinner and drinks at a local bar. She was wearing a tight short leopard dress, with matching 5 inch heels. She was smokin hot! Our BBC joined us about 930 and we dranked and talked until 1030. I had reserved a suite earlier in the day and had already given HW a key. I suggested to her that BBC might need some company on the way to the hotel. She agreed and got in the passenger side if his car. As told to me afterwards she went down on him immediately pulling up next to a cop at one point. He was so horny he pulled over and licked her clot until she came. I was parked in hotel lot when they pulled up. It was a sight watching them walk into the hotel together. I waited awhile and got some stuff together in the car and then went up. When I got in the room he was on top of her kissing her but both still clothed. I lit some candles and put some good music on - Enigma - . He pulled her dress of revealing her leaopard bra and matching thong. They laid on the bed legs, arms, hands and toungues entangled. Always an erotic site to see her white skin against his black. He is 6'5 245 and works out regularly. He had all his clothes off and i took mine off and got on the other side of her so she now had four hands all over her. She took turns making out with each of us. After awhile of that she took off her thong and jumped on him while he laid flat and rode his big black cock like she never has before. Verbally telling us how much she loved his cock and how she "needed it" He said to her i think you need another one and I didnt hesitate and came up behind her and put mine in her ass. She loved it and could not get enough as we had filled her to the max. As good as it was and sounds that is tough to maintain. I went back on the bed grabbed my phone and took some pics of her riding him. She then got off him and rode me for awhile. When she grew tired of that she had to have his cock in her mouth again and got on all fours and started to suck him again. With that ass in the air i could not resist as I got behind her and pounded away at her pussy and slapper her ass. BBC knew he wanted some of that so he stood up on the side of the bed and she knew what he wanted so she wiggled to the side and he plunged his 9" into her pussy repeatedly. She was trying to blow me at the same time but I could tell she was having a rough time keeping her concentration. So i said just look at me and talk to us as he fucks you. It was so erotic. The lust in her eyes every time he thrusted into her.i was partially under her and our eyes were locked as she told me how good his cock was and what a cock slut she was. My dick was at full attention swinging back and forth. I went head first under her and played with her bid D cups licking, holding and sucking them. All of sudden i heard her gasp and i said you ok. Yes said "Yes - he is fucking my ass now and I love it" He preceded to just pound away at her ass for the next minutes. Then I took a turn in what was no a gaping hole. We all needed a rest and got some water and sat for awhile. Well after a rest HW got back on the saddle and rode his big black cock for another 5 minutes then got off and blew him until he came. I watched from a a chair in the corner. HW was in her groove , got down on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock until i blew a load into her mouth face and tits. Not a night i will forget soon. As it was past midnight and mothers day had arrived. i knew i was truly married to a MILF! I love her!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just gave my wife a bottle of this
IT is from a winery aptly named "Menage Trois" I loved saying to the women at the store, my wife asked me to pick up some Menage Trois

Sunday, May 1, 2011

wedding ring

This is a borrowed Hot Wife, from a friend of mine..but you have to love the wedding ring.