Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A great night

Last night we met BBC for another 3some.  Met at a bar for drinks first. Then went to a hotel.  Got to the hotel at about 11pm and left at 2 am.  Hot Wife was incredible.  check out this outfit below.

When we got to the hotel I took to the camera as they embraced inside the door lifting off her feet and kissing her and pulling up her dress and grabbing her ass as kissed and touched each other everywhere.  HW wrapper her legs around him while he was still standing.  She put her legs around him as he carried her to the bed.

BBC stood and took off his clothes and HW did the same except her heels.  He started to eat her out at which point i put the camera down and put a blindfold on HW.  I then grabbed a small vibrator i brought and put it on her clit while my 8 inches were resting on her face.  She was trying to find my cock blindfolded.  BBC fingered her pussy while i worked her clit until she came - her body shaking.  BBC wasted no time in mounting her while I grabbed each heel and pulled back her legs and he thrust his big black cock into her.  She was loving it - telling him to fuck her harder and deeper.  Then He invited me to take a turn and i pounded away. Then turned her over and fucked her doggie style for awhile.  She was talking like a cock slut that she is and she said "i have to be quieter" before the people next door call security.  i would have none of that and preceded to fuck her harder and tell her i wanted to hear it.  She said no - so i started slapping her ass and pulling her hair while i fucked her until she became loud again.  She was begging for it.  Saying all those things I love to hear.  "I love cock, I want to be fucked.  Fuck me hard!, Pull my hair and slap my ass"  Realizing that i could only hold back so long i pulled back and BBC took over taking over in missionary.  Her legs were high in the hair and she was loving it.  He fucked her for another 10 or so minutes.  They were both exhausted - Once HW caught her breath, I jumped back on grabbed her ankles and spread her legs and pounded away.  I could feel it coming and pulled out and shot bullets of cum on to her stomach, face and tits.  It was fucking awesome.  Hotwife got up cleaned up and came back and took a ride on the black pony.  She was on top and i have never seen her ride a cock like that...she was possessed in making him cum and as he drew close she jumped off and finished him off with her mouth and hands.  She is truly a hotwife and I love her for it.