Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nasty and Slutty

That is how HW referred to her actions on Saturday , still trying to decide if that was a good thing. Saturday finally arrived and unlike other times this came with a definitive goal. Without saying the goal was for two men me and mike to pleasure, use, fuck, lick ,kiss and be sucked by MY Hot Wife. HW worked all day and didn't get home till 630 I had bought her some sushi to get some food into her. She ate went upstairs and the inevitable question came. "What should I wear"? As a husband if you are reading this you have heard this many times. I won't bore you with the various wardrobe changes but when we left she was wearing black lace bra with matching thong, jeggins which if u don't know are jeans that stretch, a slippery halter with leather jacket over and strappy five inch heels that made her even in height with me.
We get to our destination at 940 pm and our favorite bartender brought us our drinks. I looked around to see if any vanilla friends were there but didn't see any. Mike showed ten minutes later. We had two drinks more and paid our bill and the conversation was easy but non sexual. But all parties knew where the night was headed to fuck HW. I paid the bill and told them it's time to go. I went to get the car and mike followed while HW went to the bathroom. I asked him while waiting if he had ever used a blue pill he said no and asked if he wanted one, which he agreed to and I gave him one. At that point HW got in the car and mike followed. HW told me she was nervous on the ride home which I was sure she would recover quickly. We had about a ten minute ride home and we got into the house where I had some stuff set up. I had cranked the indoor pool to 102 and had delight candles around it and around the room. I put on some 90's music and mike sat on the couch. If I have not said mike is 6'5" 240 black and in great shape. Not overly wordy in conversation but respectful and not afraid to push the envelope.
HW sat next to him and obviously got over her nervousness as she went from sitting next to him to straddling him and making out with with their hands all over each other. They groped and kissed for a long time as undid her halter and sucked and licked her tits I took some pics and got a great one of him sucking on her tits while she is smiling. She moved down to her knees and pulled out his big black cock and sucked and licked it while he moaned. I got behind her and pulled her pants off leaving her heels on. Then I got out the Hitachi wand and while she was on her knees sucking him I worked the wand on her pussy and clit until she trembled with an orgasm. From there she goes back to sucking off mike and making out with him. I took some great pictures of the two of them. He makes a suggestion that we blindfold her and she offers no resistance. Not having anything handy I went for bondage instead and I put leather restraints on her wrists and lock them behind her back. She is left on her knees with nothing to do but bounce between the two of us as we grope her with four hands. She cant stop smiling as he licks her nipples and i nibble at her neck. That leads to only one thing. I release her arms and She had lost thong and bra by now and took seat on couch only in heels. And she says."one of you has to fuck me. She was sitting on the edge of the couch still with the 5 inch fuck me heels on. I certainly had to take advantage of that so I plunged my cock into her from my knees. Being the share guy i am i motion mike to take my position and i take this great picture of him with his arms on the back of her thights legs straight in the air , with her gripping the back of the couch as he just pounds into her pussy. I ask her if she likes his cock and she says "I love it , he and is cock are so fucking hot" He takes his hands down from her legs and fingers her clit while i continue taking pictures and she comes again. She is screaming "fuck me hard" He pulls her to her feet and has her bend at the waist with her arms resting on the arm of the couch and just pounds her with his cock like a machine. From there we continue to the floor on a feather bed...
Hot Wife is on the floor on all fours and she is just in a nasty mood and says "who is going to fuck me in the ass now" The better question would of been who isnt. He got on the floor and HW mounted him while I got behind first with an anal vibrator and then replaced it with my cock while we Dp'ed her. Something so erotic about that and she was loving it. The knees could only take so much and I took a seat and watched as he got behind her and took his turn in her ass. She couldn't get enough. Then I took her again and fucked her missionary and pulled out while he jerked off on her ...We both came all over her....One of those nights that wont be forgotten soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your turn

So six days from now my friend and I will spend an evening with HW. So any suggestions, looking for ideas both sexual and non sexual. Dinner? Drinks? What should I have her wear dress or jeans? Fire away best ideas get to be a part of

Planning ahead

So HW has arranged a threesome for this coming saturday. Here is the text conversation from friday between HW and myself:

Me: Michael sent us both texts yesterday are you going to respond to him.
HW: Sure, next weekend?
Me: That is up to you , i assume you liked getting together with him last time
HW: I did
Me: We can just ask him to come over and lift you to the ceiling (he is very tall and HW loves that)
Me: I am glad you liked it and even gladder you admitted it
HW: No complications, No commitments, No obligations, just fucking.
Me: Yeah he is good that way, and as an added plus he turns you on
HW: Yes he does
Me: Lets take him to our other house with the pool.
HW:  That would be fun
Me: Why dont you text him and see if he is free
Me: Would you have more fun with him alone
HW: Dont be silly two cocks are better than one,
Me: sounds good
HW:  He says Hell Yeah
Me: Send him a picture to get him in the mood.
HW: I sent him this one