Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been away too long

Can't belive it has been this long without blogging.  Hot Wife is still in fact Very Hot.  Last night i told her due to family complications she had not fufilled her contract earlier in the year and that she was in breach of contract.  I told her tonight was payback and Adventure #1.  Her task was to name every man she had ever fucked.  I made her list them and say something about each and how they fucked and what she liked and disliked.  She had to do this while wearing only heels and a hitachi wand between her legs pressing on her clit. 

After an hour she missed 5 men.  Her punishment was 5 units of punishment on her ass for each forgotten.  She was also made to count them out.  I started with my hand.  Whack...the first one stunned her and she asked for a blindfold which i obliged.  4 more iwth the hand....her ass was already red.  From there we went to the back of a flat wide hair brush.  That one had her squirming and saying ouch.  On to the wooden spoon, i think that was easiest on her.....On the riding crop.  She thought i had bought it for this and i reminded her of using it on her years earlier.  In between swats i teased her pussy with it, which was dripping wet from the ongoing hitachi wand.  Whack, Whack, Whack 5 times.  Finally for the first time using the Whip on her. Whip w/ Rubber Tails-Cheetah Handle

When the whip was done i made her ask to cum , then put her on all fours and filled her with Cum, and told her what a slut she is and how she is mine.  Tonight she will be tied and whipped some more.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day Two Red Room of Pain

I introduced Hot Wife to our Red Room of Pain - I told her to meet me at 8pm in heels, matching bra and thong.  When I got to the room I immediately blind folded her.  From there I put wrist restraints on her and hung her arms from a chain above. I discussed her lack of judgement in not doing all that she was told the night before as I rubbed her ass.  I gave her a few good swats with the hand, and could see her whole body jump.  From there i put additional leather restraints on her ankles.  She got her first experience with a spreader bar.  She looked great bent forward a little arms in the air bound and legs spread by a spreader bar.  I made sure to remove the thong before i got her on the spreader bar. She couldn't help but have her ass sticking out and in the air a little bit.  I slapped her about another 10 times making her cheeks red. Then i worked a vibrator from behind on her clit.  She was dripping wet.  I grabbed a large butt plug lubed it up and slid it in her ass.  While I continued to work the vibrator on her pussy and clit, she said the magic words.  "May I come now Sir"  I said yes and that she did her body trembling...When she was done trembling I replaced the vibrator with my cock but left the plug in her butt and worked it a little bit.  I buried my cum deep in her and finally released her.  She was tired and fell asleep quickly.  All in all a good first night in our Red Room of Pain.

Day 1 of being mine

     On Thursday i presented Hot Wife with Addendum A of what was expected.  I told her she could negoitate or cross anything out she wanted.  She read it over drinks and signed.  Game on.  Friday was day 1 and her missiong during the day was to flirt with a co worker she has been admiring.  She texted me and told me she flirted with him all day.  He is 35 blonde, blue 6 feet tall.  She got home late from work.  She changed into a skin tone colored dress.  One of her requirements during the contract is to wear matching underwear.  She did - Commando top and bottom and you could see the outline of her silver dollar nipples.  Off we went to dinner at one of favorite bars for sushi.  And oh yeah she had on 5 inch cork heels that just screamed fuck me.  By the time we left dinner she was feeling no pain having had 4 glasses of pinot.
     On to the swingers party.  This one is held at a bar that is connected to a hotel, how convenient. Personally I like this one as it is a bit of an older crowd.  During the night hotwife was getting used to the taking orders part and frankly was not very good at it, nor we that demanding.  But i rubbed her ass and reminded her of what was to come at another time.  We spent the next three hours chatting, dancing, flirting.  Sixteen years later after we started swinging i am still amazed how forward some people borders on rude but I digress.  HotWife danced with many.  One guy said to me i would love to do that blonde.  I said I agree and I am going to go kiss her right now and feel her up tit.  After I did it , he knew he had been had and that it was my wife.
     We met a couple we have known for awhile and ventured upstairs with them.  They only will do oral but it was ok.  Got us all worked up and Hot wife rode me like a cowboy in front of about 20 people.  A good first night but Day 2 begins the punishment phase for penalites on Day 1.

Friday, April 27, 2012

50 shades of Hotwife

So a week from today Hot Wife is under contract for 30 days.  She signed willingly.  An additional appendix she is getting on Thursday night for negotiations.  Any suggestions.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friday Night

So i awoke friday with much anticipation.  I was in a hotel half way across the country.  My hot wife had the day off from work.  Weather was ugly in my departing city and I had a connector.  First flight left late and upon arriving at the second city I had 7 minutes to get to my gate.  For those old enought to remember the OJ commercial before he killed his wife.  That was me leaping over things and people to get to my gate.  Last one on the plane before the door closed.  All up to the pilot now.  Arrived at the home airport on time at 8:15.  Hot wife was to meet BBC at 9pm.  I was in no rush.  I waited for my luggage, paid for my parking found my way to the parking lot to get my car.  I stopped on the highway to get a soda.  This would be our first threesome in awhile and thoughts were racing through my head of the night ahead.  I finally got a text from HW asking if I had in fact landed.  She was at a friends house having some drinks.  I stopped at the liquor store and got some beer and water for the room.
Around 10 pm i got to the bar.  My first thought in these instances is to look around the bar to find out who i know and what excuse i will have to make up about our 6'5 black man my wife has been talking to.  But not on this night - no one there that i knew.  HW was wearing black sequin top, black skirt stockings, heels and with her legs crossed i could see she had on a garter.  Very hot.  I shook his hand and gave HW a kiss and felt up her skirt and realized she was commando.  Somehow we managed to make small talk for an hour.  Topics ranged from kids, colleges to the book out 50 shades of grey to wether my wife should sign a "contract" with me.  BBC agreed she would have fun and should sign it.  I took my last sip of my drink and announced i would check us in to avoid the hassle of the three of us at the front desk.  I told them i would text them the room #.
I checked us in and the front desk informed me that my wife had not checked in yet...I said no she is running late but will be in shortly.  I went to the room put on a porno, some music, and put some ice in the sink for the beer and waited....and waited.  20 minutes had passed and they were 3 minutes away.  Finally I get a call from HW and she says what hotel are you in we have knocking on room #105 and no answer.  I said how about read the text and go to the right hotel.  Too bad the people in the other hotel didnt open the door.  That would have been funny.
    Finally they show up and we had a small suite with a couch i gave each a drink and they sat on the couch talking and kissing.  I took a few pics which i will share shortly.  HW climbed on top of her friend and started kissing him.  She loves to kiss him...He had his hands all over her, especially her ass lifting her skirt.  She went to the bathroom and came back sans skirt or top.  Leaving just heels, stockings, garter and push up bra (which wasnt needed) She stood there for a second before he stood and pushed her on the bed and began to lick her clit and eat her pussy.  She was moaning and arching her back - I signaled to let me in and took his position between her legs.  I know which buttons to push as i licked her clit and fingered her ass.  She came in about 60 seconds.  At that point i know she only wants one thing.  COCK,,,and she wants to be fucked by as many and as much as possible.  i got up and took some of my clothes off while BBC got back on the bed and put a condom on and got on top of her with her legs spread wide and in the air and just pounded away.  HW loved it and kept telling him  "fuck me with that big black cock of yours-give it to me deeper - harder"  i leaned in and kissed her and told her what a cock slut she was.  She couldnt get enough.  BBC pulled out for a second and HW as if on cue reached down pulled off the condom and said "you dont need that"  He prededed to just plow her   ...we took turns banging her.  When we weren't fucking her the other one was sticking our cock in her mouth.  She was a true slut - loving it.  At one point HW put her BBC on his back and was sucking him while she was on all fours.  With her ass in the air i had to get behind her and fuck her doggie..i was fucking her nice and slow and fingering her ass.  Sometimes her ass blinks a little when i do that but not tonight it was opening more...till she finally said are you going to fuck my ass.  She didnt have to ask twice and i went in easy.  But it was tight.  She kept sucking away on his cock while I impaled her ass on my thick cock.  I kept slapping her ass and telling her what a cock slut she was.  I couldnt take it anymore and i filled her ass with my jism...i pulled off her got a towel and cleaned her up a abit while she kept sucking away on his black cock.  I went and sat on the couch and just watched as he fucked her in every position possible for the next 30 minutes.  It ended with her riding his cock on top while he man handled her big D cup titties.  He shot his load up in her as she collapsed on him.  It was 2 am and time for all of us to call it a night...another great MFM threesome with a BBC and HW

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

This Friday

This friday HW has set up a date with her favorite BBC.  I will be flying home mid evening from a business trip.  Told her I could meet them at the bar or the hotel - which do you think I will come back to. I am hoping for the hotel.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

List of Kinks

So it occurred to me that as well as i think i might know my hot wife that I might not know her well enough.  so with the help of the internet I gave her a list of kinks and asked her to rank them below:

Scoring was on a 1 to 5 system:

Scoring chart
1 = Zero Interest
2 = Just a little interest
3 = Could go either way
4 = Should do it regularly
5 = Must have, why aren't we do it right now

Being Spanked3
Being tied/Bondage3
Being Blindfolded4
Spanking someone else2
Tieing some else3
blindfolding someone else3
Verbal Domination giving1
Verbal domination taking1
Fighting back/Rough Sex1
Cum on i.e. tits4
punishment for being bad girl3
Sucking cock5
Anal sex3
Butt Plugs4
Wearing heels5
foot fetish1
ass fetish4
Showing Cleavage5
Looking at Cleavage3
Role Playing3
Interacial sex/ black men4
Talking Dirty5
Being talked dirty to5
Aroused by the idea of being punished3
Getting Caught having sex1
Gang Bang Fantasy0
Uniform Fetish i.e. Military3
Masturbating in front of others3
Watching others Masturbate3
Ice play4
Serving as maid or waitress0
Being Served by maid or waiter0
Cum on face fetish1
Swapping with one couple4
Swinging with multiple at same time3
MFM Threesome4
FMF Threesome4
Having sex in front of your husband3
Husband having sex in front of you.3
Dating without husband3
Being Dominant1
Being Submissive1
Husband dating without you2
Sex on cars5
Sex in a car5
Watching yourself have sex in mirror1
Watching yourself have sex on video2
Sex with Women3
Wearing all black Goth0
Double penetration3
Older Men fetish4
Bald men fetish4
Quiet Dinner for two4
Long Cocks3
Girthy Cocks4
Big Arms4
Six pack abs4
tit fucking4
office sex on a desk3
Nipples licked5
Nipples sucked on4
Nipples pulled and tweeked3
Shower Sex4
Strip tease3
Sex with a stranger who you never see again4

Even if your wife is not a hot wife give her the survey

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I hate winter

It wears on us, people get sick - it's cold, snow etc.  Need a break in the sun and some fun.  Fun is officially on the agenda.  found another great blog today to share.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012