Friday, July 8, 2011

Nude Resort II

So HW and I give Joe our room # as he needs to retreive his shirt from the bar.  So I ask the question what single guy goes to a nudist resort hosting a swingers party and doesnt bring condoms.  Seriously the boy needs a clue. But as always i had them bedside.  HW and joe were rolling on the bed making out i could tell she was turned on.  He was intent on making her cum, which was noble but not a chance of happening but she did one of her better fake jobs and he went for it LOL.  I got on the bed and got her on her on all fours and started fucking her.  I think he enjoyed this more than doing it.  He was all excited.  Telling me to fuck her hard. HW grabbed his cock and started sucking him the same time and he was loving it.  After awhile i pulled out and sprayed her ass and back. It was joe's turn but he was having stage fright.  He asked if we could shut the lights - First time i have heard that one.  That didnt help his ED so HW took him in her mouth and proceeded to suck him off and figer his ass.  He came hard all over tits and face.  We sent joe on his way and we went back to the hot tub to relax.  It was a fun night of sharing her.

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