Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planning ahead

So HW has arranged a threesome for this coming saturday. Here is the text conversation from friday between HW and myself:

Me: Michael sent us both texts yesterday are you going to respond to him.
HW: Sure, next weekend?
Me: That is up to you , i assume you liked getting together with him last time
HW: I did
Me: We can just ask him to come over and lift you to the ceiling (he is very tall and HW loves that)
Me: I am glad you liked it and even gladder you admitted it
HW: No complications, No commitments, No obligations, just fucking.
Me: Yeah he is good that way, and as an added plus he turns you on
HW: Yes he does
Me: Lets take him to our other house with the pool.
HW:  That would be fun
Me: Why dont you text him and see if he is free
Me: Would you have more fun with him alone
HW: Dont be silly two cocks are better than one,
Me: sounds good
HW:  He says Hell Yeah
Me: Send him a picture to get him in the mood.
HW: I sent him this one

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