Sunday, February 26, 2012

List of Kinks

So it occurred to me that as well as i think i might know my hot wife that I might not know her well enough.  so with the help of the internet I gave her a list of kinks and asked her to rank them below:

Scoring was on a 1 to 5 system:

Scoring chart
1 = Zero Interest
2 = Just a little interest
3 = Could go either way
4 = Should do it regularly
5 = Must have, why aren't we do it right now

Being Spanked3
Being tied/Bondage3
Being Blindfolded4
Spanking someone else2
Tieing some else3
blindfolding someone else3
Verbal Domination giving1
Verbal domination taking1
Fighting back/Rough Sex1
Cum on i.e. tits4
punishment for being bad girl3
Sucking cock5
Anal sex3
Butt Plugs4
Wearing heels5
foot fetish1
ass fetish4
Showing Cleavage5
Looking at Cleavage3
Role Playing3
Interacial sex/ black men4
Talking Dirty5
Being talked dirty to5
Aroused by the idea of being punished3
Getting Caught having sex1
Gang Bang Fantasy0
Uniform Fetish i.e. Military3
Masturbating in front of others3
Watching others Masturbate3
Ice play4
Serving as maid or waitress0
Being Served by maid or waiter0
Cum on face fetish1
Swapping with one couple4
Swinging with multiple at same time3
MFM Threesome4
FMF Threesome4
Having sex in front of your husband3
Husband having sex in front of you.3
Dating without husband3
Being Dominant1
Being Submissive1
Husband dating without you2
Sex on cars5
Sex in a car5
Watching yourself have sex in mirror1
Watching yourself have sex on video2
Sex with Women3
Wearing all black Goth0
Double penetration3
Older Men fetish4
Bald men fetish4
Quiet Dinner for two4
Long Cocks3
Girthy Cocks4
Big Arms4
Six pack abs4
tit fucking4
office sex on a desk3
Nipples licked5
Nipples sucked on4
Nipples pulled and tweeked3
Shower Sex4
Strip tease3
Sex with a stranger who you never see again4

Even if your wife is not a hot wife give her the survey

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I hate winter

It wears on us, people get sick - it's cold, snow etc.  Need a break in the sun and some fun.  Fun is officially on the agenda.  found another great blog today to share.