Thursday, May 26, 2011


I took hotwife out for sushi last night and she came downstairs in a tight striped dress with a scoop front with five inch sandals. I think eating sushi is sexy note sure why but I do. We sat on the same side of the table which faced people going to the bar. It was funny to watch men's eyes as they passed by to get a glimpse of her tits. Some looked away when they saw me others just smiled at me. When we were done eating I took a pic of her on the street I will post later. On the ride home she unbuckled leaned over pulled out my cock and licked and sucked it all the way home. I knew people would still be up when we git home. When I pulled into driveway I shut the lights stopped the car and told her to get out and lean over the hood. I got out dropped my shorts and entered her very wet pussy. She as always was telling me what a cock slut she was as I had lifted her dress over her ass and pounded away not caring who saw or heard us. Slapping her ass and pulling her hair and calling her a slut. Finally I pulled out and shot my cum at her face when she turned around. Thank goodness for cum towel in the car. I want 3 comments before I post a pic.


  1. I love the sex in front of the house knowing there is a chance others might see. Imagine if a nosy neighbor had really good hearing and could overhear what the conversation was!

    Oh, Post the pic!

  2. We've had this same scene a few times. Always love the idea. It reminds us of that old White Snake video! LOL