Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day Two Red Room of Pain

I introduced Hot Wife to our Red Room of Pain - I told her to meet me at 8pm in heels, matching bra and thong.  When I got to the room I immediately blind folded her.  From there I put wrist restraints on her and hung her arms from a chain above. I discussed her lack of judgement in not doing all that she was told the night before as I rubbed her ass.  I gave her a few good swats with the hand, and could see her whole body jump.  From there i put additional leather restraints on her ankles.  She got her first experience with a spreader bar.  She looked great bent forward a little arms in the air bound and legs spread by a spreader bar.  I made sure to remove the thong before i got her on the spreader bar. She couldn't help but have her ass sticking out and in the air a little bit.  I slapped her about another 10 times making her cheeks red. Then i worked a vibrator from behind on her clit.  She was dripping wet.  I grabbed a large butt plug lubed it up and slid it in her ass.  While I continued to work the vibrator on her pussy and clit, she said the magic words.  "May I come now Sir"  I said yes and that she did her body trembling...When she was done trembling I replaced the vibrator with my cock but left the plug in her butt and worked it a little bit.  I buried my cum deep in her and finally released her.  She was tired and fell asleep quickly.  All in all a good first night in our Red Room of Pain.

Day 1 of being mine

     On Thursday i presented Hot Wife with Addendum A of what was expected.  I told her she could negoitate or cross anything out she wanted.  She read it over drinks and signed.  Game on.  Friday was day 1 and her missiong during the day was to flirt with a co worker she has been admiring.  She texted me and told me she flirted with him all day.  He is 35 blonde, blue 6 feet tall.  She got home late from work.  She changed into a skin tone colored dress.  One of her requirements during the contract is to wear matching underwear.  She did - Commando top and bottom and you could see the outline of her silver dollar nipples.  Off we went to dinner at one of favorite bars for sushi.  And oh yeah she had on 5 inch cork heels that just screamed fuck me.  By the time we left dinner she was feeling no pain having had 4 glasses of pinot.
     On to the swingers party.  This one is held at a bar that is connected to a hotel, how convenient. Personally I like this one as it is a bit of an older crowd.  During the night hotwife was getting used to the taking orders part and frankly was not very good at it, nor we that demanding.  But i rubbed her ass and reminded her of what was to come at another time.  We spent the next three hours chatting, dancing, flirting.  Sixteen years later after we started swinging i am still amazed how forward some people borders on rude but I digress.  HotWife danced with many.  One guy said to me i would love to do that blonde.  I said I agree and I am going to go kiss her right now and feel her up tit.  After I did it , he knew he had been had and that it was my wife.
     We met a couple we have known for awhile and ventured upstairs with them.  They only will do oral but it was ok.  Got us all worked up and Hot wife rode me like a cowboy in front of about 20 people.  A good first night but Day 2 begins the punishment phase for penalites on Day 1.