Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day Two Red Room of Pain

I introduced Hot Wife to our Red Room of Pain - I told her to meet me at 8pm in heels, matching bra and thong.  When I got to the room I immediately blind folded her.  From there I put wrist restraints on her and hung her arms from a chain above. I discussed her lack of judgement in not doing all that she was told the night before as I rubbed her ass.  I gave her a few good swats with the hand, and could see her whole body jump.  From there i put additional leather restraints on her ankles.  She got her first experience with a spreader bar.  She looked great bent forward a little arms in the air bound and legs spread by a spreader bar.  I made sure to remove the thong before i got her on the spreader bar. She couldn't help but have her ass sticking out and in the air a little bit.  I slapped her about another 10 times making her cheeks red. Then i worked a vibrator from behind on her clit.  She was dripping wet.  I grabbed a large butt plug lubed it up and slid it in her ass.  While I continued to work the vibrator on her pussy and clit, she said the magic words.  "May I come now Sir"  I said yes and that she did her body trembling...When she was done trembling I replaced the vibrator with my cock but left the plug in her butt and worked it a little bit.  I buried my cum deep in her and finally released her.  She was tired and fell asleep quickly.  All in all a good first night in our Red Room of Pain.

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